What We Do

Cobic and whole system transformation


We work with health and care economies at any stage in their move towards transforming how care is organised. With individual and population outcomes at the core, commissioners and providers can start to consider how different elements of the system work together to best meet the needs of their local people.

  • Individual and population outcomes: At Cobic, the outcomes that matter to local people are at the centre of transformation [read more]
  • Incentive reform: Once defined by local people, outcomes can become the currency for newly constructed contracts that use available finances to incentivise delivery of those outcomes [read more]
  • Service model reform: Clinicians and professionals can redesign how and where care is provided, to promote support that keeps people well and early intervention if health deteriorates [read more]
  • Organisational structure reform: With new payment flows and improved care pathways, managers can restructure the infrastructure needed to provide care in the right place at the right time [read more]

We know that this is a fundamentally different, and more in-depth way of approaching how health and care is organised, which requires specialist skills and capabilities. We are already working with commissioners, commissioning support units, local area teams, local authorities and provider organisations to help make outcomes-based commissioning, as part of whole system transformation a reality.

Capitated outcomes-based incentivised care (COBIC)

Commissioning for outcomes – where providers are explicitly incentivised to deliver what matters most to individuals, families and communities – is becoming well established within the NHS, and is supported by both Monitor and NHS England.1, 2 This style of contracting, when combined with multi-year capitated contracts, rewards providers for delivering clinical outcomes, better experiences and more efficient and integrated services to individuals within defined populations.

We have worked with almost all of the health economies that have pioneered COBICs in England. Members of our team were involved in the development of the very early COBICs in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes, and since then, we have worked with health economies such as Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Richmond to provide the confidence and assurance required to successfully develop and let COBICs.


1. Five Year Forward View, NHS England, 2014. 2. Capitation: a potential new payment model to enable integrated care, Monitor, 2014.

  • “With Cobic's help we can now articulate the outcomes that matter to people for community-based care. The Cobic team has produced a well researched outcomes framework that built constructively on previous work, adding extra depth through attentive engagement with local people and clinicians, and bringing in their knowledge and experience of similar work elsewhere. The quality of their written work and presentations to a range of audiences was excellent. The final report clearly sets out the vision of care that our local people want, that can be understood by all”
    Chief Officer of a London Clinical Commissioning Group