Value Innovation Communities

Value Innovation Communities


How do you bring outcomes-based care to your health economy effectively and efficiently?

The Value Innovation Communities (VIC) Programme is a new way of providing affordable expert support and advice to local health economies on contracting and delivering outcomes-based care. ICHOM (the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement), Cobic and Capsticks are collaborating in this Programme to guide local commissioners and providers through how to use outcomes as a currency and craft the contract in which they sit, and how to implement such a contract so that frontline care can better recognise and deliver the outcomes that matter.

With limited funds for transformation, commissioners and providers alike need a quick and affordable way to bring outcomes-based care to their areas. Such support would:

  • Be affordable within local commissioning/transformation budgets
  • Bring experience and learning from the forerunners in outcomes-based care in the NHS and applicable lessons from abroad
  • Describe clearly and directly to local stakeholders the case for moving to an outcomes-based currency
  • Help local leaders use outcomes as the common purpose for collaboration and integration of care
  • Provider a peer-to-peer learning environment
  • Be flexible enough to adapt to local issues and environments
  • Make best use of and up-skill in-house staff
  • Work to a programme management format to keep momentum going

The Value Innovation Communities Programme aims to deliver just such support. See here for further information.

To discuss the Programme or find out how to take part in one, please contact the team at

You can also reach us by calling Dr Tom Kelley (ICHOM) on 07583 039868 or Dr Diane Bell (Cobic) on 07843 389647 or Robert McGough (Capsticks) on 07834 612413.

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