COBIC Organisational Improvement

We want to help develop and deliver a new form of health care organisation. We want it to be utterly focused on helping people achieve the health and health related outcomes that matter most to them.

We help providers become the organisations they want to be, shaping the characteristics that will allow them to focus entirely on designing the services and support that will benefit the local population.

The start point for defining this is to understand the ambitions, hopes and fears of the very people that will be supported. Through this conversation, the views, preferences and values of the people that use services will drive all that the organisation will offer.

The result should be improved new models of care that offer the local population access to better integrated and coordinated services.

Typically, we help the organisation on the journey to understand the purpose, culture, and principles of the new organisation they want to become. And what the high level capabilities and new models of care that the new commissioning environment demands.

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