Provider Revolution

As capitated outcomes based commissioning becomes ‘mainstream’ those organisations that provide services will need to think, behave, and organise themselves differently to make the most of the new opportunities.

Providers will have to think about what it means for them to deliver at scale individual and whole population health defined ‘outcomes’. How best to transform their services, how to organise the workforce, use of infrastructure, information technology, supplies, and locations. This all requires a cultural shift in behaviour away from fragmented ‘time and activity’ delivery. Now there has be the flexibility to work in partnership right along the patient pathway, to innovate and deliver better care when and wherever it is needed – all within the available budget.

We know this isn’t always easy; balancing the long term health economy objectives with the strategic intent and short term, real life operational realities for the provider, but the status quo isn’t ideal either.

COBIC commissioning creates conditions for providers to think more strategically and make long term plans in order to innovate and deliver health and social care they really believe in, and which they can genuinely provide to help individuals achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

At COBIC we help providers with their response to the incentives created by COBIC commissioning through:

COBIC Clinical Redesign

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COBIC Provider Masterclasses

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COBIC Strategic Support

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COBIC Tender Support

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COBIC Organisational Improvement

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