IT Revolution

We know there is pressure on all parts of the system, yet health and care organisations aren’t capitalising on the power of technology and information to become more efficient and improve care.

Many sectors recognise the benefits of modern user-led technology as a means to improve efficiency and deliver better services. By contrast health and care systems generally rely on fragmented, old technology, which makes accessing data difficult and rarely supportive of any benefits in how individuals receive and self-mange their care.

The change we need

Better use of information and technology will be crucial to achieving better health outcomes for individuals and populations. We need a modern IT system that can provide ‘organisational’ and ‘individual’ relevant personalised information at the right time and place.

The change we believe must happen:

  • Organisationally – to improve organisational capability to track and monitor existing and new outcome measures at a whole population level
  • Individually – to seek opportunities to empower individuals to take an active role in improving their own health. It can be scary for individuals to take responsibility for their own health and educate themselves on how to improve it. The quantity of generalised public health messages can be overwhelming and bare little relation to an individual’s own health. Giving individuals and their support network access to a digital personalised health plan will be crucial to getting patients involved in looking after their own health.

The debate has started on how information and technology can be used to improve health and care outcomes.

We would like to hear from organisations that align with these intentions, and want to discuss how together we can answer questions such as:

  • Do we currently collect the information that individuals and clinicians want?
  • In what format do users want the information? In apps, documents or another form?
  • Should medical records be a retrospective of treatments you’ve had or a prospective digital health plan?
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