COBIC launches Joint Venture with OptiMedis AG

COBIC launches Joint Venture with OptiMedis AG

London UK, Hamburg Germany. 23rd December 2016

COBIC and OptiMedis are pleased to announce that they have formed a UK-based Joint Venture organisation called OptiMedis-COBIC UK. It will support the development and delivery of Accountable Care in the UK.

OptiMedis-COBIC UK brings together the expertise and experience of two well established and pioneering companies, OptiMedis AG from Germany and COBIC Ltd from the UK, working in close association with Imperial College Health Care Partners (IHCP), the Academic Health Sciences Network.

OptiMedis-COBIC UK work with local health and care partners across the UK as they come together to take on responsibility for population and individual health in accountable care systems to provide advice, support and services at every stage of the journey from initial conception through to long term delivery. We particularly focus on the development and delivery of the ‘integrator’ function which is essential for the successful delivery of accountable care.

OptiMedis-COBIC UK, and its parent organisations, COBIC and OptiMedis are value-driven as are its partners.

Our sole mission is to get better outcomes for citizens, their families and their communities and better value for those that pay for care. We work with local health and care economies to develop, design and deliver well co-ordinated care that focuses on the outcomes that matter most to local people. We place a particular emphasis on prevention, population health management and the creation of healthy communities as part of a balanced system of care.

Although intensely practical, our work is data driven, evidence based and informed by use of our deep experience and understanding of the NHS and other international health and care systems. And, as the integrator responsible for the design and delivery of Gesundes Kinzigtal, we have over 10 years experience and a proven track record of delivering better health, lower cost per case and excellent citizen and staff experiences through a prevention orientated primary care led system of integrated care.

COBIC – Capitated Outcome-Based Incentivised Commissioning – is a common sense approach to securing both value for money and better outcomes for patients. As a contracting approach, COBIC releases commissioning and providing organisations to get the best out of their responsibilities handed to them from the NHS reforms.